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About Us | Go Trucker

About Us

GoTrucker is the fastest growing resource dedicated to keeping Trucks on the road!

On our site, you will be able to search for repair facilities nationwide. Not only will you be able to find those offering 24 hour road service, but you will get full details on the services they offer, types of payments they accept and some will even list their hourly rates. We have also added a few extra features to help you stay informed day to day. We have live feeds with the current industry news and trucking tools that will keep you up to date on all happenings in the trucking industry.

GoTrucker hosts a suite of products to help OTR Trucks locate repair shops when they breakdown. Our website, unlike other sites out there, can be accessed via cellular or other mobile devices.

Our dedication is not only to the trucking companies, but to the vendors as well.

We have developed several cost effective ways for you to keep your services in front of the trucking industry. For more information on advertising your services contact a representative at 913-686-2429 or email us at info@gotrucker.com.

GoTrucker obtained the information, on this site, from several resources. The GoTrucker Staff continuously updates and adds information to the GoTrucker site daily. By no means did GoTrucker copy or obtain information from our competitors' website's or directories.

Go Trucker News

Cell Phone Applications

Why carrying around a bulky book with you, when you can download the GoTrucker Cell Phone App and have all the information you need in your phone!!!!!!! Contact GoTrucker for Details 913-686-2429 ext 100...

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